P Sainath

What is the dream of any Indian farmer?  To be born as a European cow…


4 thoughts on “P Sainath

  1. Vikram Virkar

    Nikhil da, Thanks for sharing it!!!!! Chaan vatla, tumhala pan kalkal ahe..Tumhi ya prashnanvar kahi kelat aajvar? Tumchya aajvar chya saglya posts vachlyat..Mala manapasun vatata..u will be an awesome IAS officer….Yog aala tar tumhala bhetayla khup aanand hoil..

  2. Vikram Virkar

    Nikhil Da, Thanks for sharing it!!! Tumche aajvarche posts vachlyat..an manapasun vatata ki..tumhi khoop chaan IAS officer hou shakata..Yog julun aale, tar tumhala bhetayla khoop awdel..

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